{August Break} Legos









I came across this post on Legos and math on Facebook last week. Last night instead of our usual watch a movie or read books before bed routine, I pulled the Legos out.

The girls started with a tower and then Ava saw my house, asked to help then ended up taking over.
It was cute listening to them talk about how they need a one piece, three, two, or four piece etc.

I started a house for Samuel and decided to add wheels to make it a train for him….he’s really into trains right now.
Ava and Charles made airplanes and Kiah worked on her house.

The plan was to start our wind down for bed around 9:30 but we ended up playing with the Legos until after 11pm.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this on the blog before. The Legos the kids have used to belong to me and my brother when we were kids. Pieces have been lost along the way, but I saw doors to what used to be our shell gas station, pieces of our astronauts, and knights sets. We had a Legos utopia in our back bedroom. Along with what I mentioned above there was the hospital and the fire station, houses, a little store we built. I vividly remember going to the store to pick out a new set and being so excited to follow the instructions to put it together. We had so many pieces and sets that I can’t remember them all. Good times!

Do your kids have any toys that used to belong to you?


Trying not to be so wordy for this August Break but I can’t help it!


6 thoughts on “{August Break} Legos

  1. They look like they are having a blast! They have some of the books I had as a kid and I rebought my Little People’s Village that I had as a kid. I am bringing that back out once the big kids go back to school. Legos last forevah! Hey I am participating in August Break.

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