Quiet and Full


Babywearing Samuel to sleep in his(and my)favorite wrap. *Eva Didymos* if you’re wondering.

Learning finally how to wrap a solid reinforced rucksack carry and back wrap cross carry.

Thunder storms.

Library books on sharks and dolphins.

Knitting and chocolate for mama.

The Backyardigans, Thomas the Train and Curious George.

Talking about South America.


Back to Cloth diapering…part time anyway. Thank you Erika!


Searching for crabs and jellyfish at our private beach…. instead of the faux beach….it is a very real beach to the kids.


Adding with the Abacus.


Dress up.

Playing store.

Making new homeschool plans for the year.

Weekending with Amanda

8 thoughts on “Quiet and Full

  1. I do miss baby wearing, that time went so fast! Enjoy every minute of it!
    And cloth diapers? Hooray. One of my favorite memories is of sitting down late at night to fold diapers, so soothing.

    • I’m a bit of a geek about it. It’s like knitting….makes me feel connected to past generations. And I can get lots done, all hands free. You definitely have to try if you have another baby!

    • I used to love playing store. They had a section of the living room setup with bags, pretend and real food from the cabinets and books. They used a deck of cards for money. Too cute!

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