Two Hours With The Toddler


Last night the girls had their first evening of Vacation Bible School at a church around the corner. I came back home with Samuel and it felt strange but relaxing at the same time.

We walked to the corner store after we left the church. I got ice cream and Samuel had some candy. It’s so different being alone with him without the girls.


It was so quiet in the house. I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself. Samuel didn’t seem to miss a beat, he grabbed his cars and trucks and we played with those for all of five minutes. Then he wanted me to read his library books to him.
He says “read me, mama.”

Whenever he sees a chicken of any kind he says “mama, chicken nuggets!”  I laughed out loud at that. The photo below was taken by Samuel.


As the book went on he told me the pony was a horse, even though the book called it a pony. Then he told me the horse was a zebra…it had black and white patches. The cow was also a zebra with it’s patches. When I showed him a picture of a zebra… he said it was a horse.

He climbed into my lap “mama, I wuv you…bites?” Bites is his word for nursing. Not exactly sure why. So we cuddle while he has bites and look through his tractor book.
He was enjoying his one on one mama time.

Next he wanted to watch videos of fire trucks on my phone. What is it with boys and their trucks? So I pull up fire trucks for toddlers on YouTube and watch his face light up while he’s watching the trucks and excitedly telling me about them. “It’s woud, mama. It’s wed, mama! Yook mama, yook!” Kiah used to say Yook too.

He looks a lot like Nakiah, but shares Ava’s personality…both being May babies.

He’s so sweet and precious. Growing too fast for me.

I could just eat him up!


3 thoughts on “Two Hours With The Toddler

  1. It’s nice that you got some mama-son time. Boys do love trucks don’t they? 🙂 My oldest son was always intrigued by the guys who put the cones on the road for road work, he would get so excited to watch. Little boys are very special, enjoy every minute of it!

  2. Aw! I’m going to miss just it being me and humnoy, although I usually want to pull my eye balls out of their sockets daily.

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