Out Sick


couch snuggling with a good book

Last week it was Ava and Samuel with some sinus issues and they were better within a few days. Nakiah and Charles seemed to have dodged the sickness.
I was fine until Monday night. All of a sudden my sinuses started bothering me, then my tooth started to bother me. I was in bad shape.

Charles took the kids out for the majority of the yesterday and they were worn out by the time they got home last night. They took the bus and then the train into town. I promised to come with them on the next trip.

Now Samuel is running a fever – all three kids have the asthma cough and I’m not functioning at 100% yet. All I want to do is lay down and sleep, but you know how kids are….even when sick they are still high functioning.

It’s raining…again.
Hopefully we’re all feeling better by the weekend.


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