NOT the weekend I had planned






But when does life ever really go according to plan? I have no pictures from this weekend because I didn’t take any. So I’m sharing photos from Friday. I can feel your shock through the screen….but there is a very good reason.

I’m having major tooth problems. There have been pains off and on for months now, but Friday night I was in tears. I didn’t sleep that night and tried to find a dentist to see me Saturday. Funny thing(not really)the kids finally have insurance(yay!), but The Husband and I do not. I have no insurance and not enough money to pay out of pocket for the procedures. So here I sit with my jaw massively swollen-looking like I’ve been in a really bad fight. You should hear me talk….I’m a little hard to understand.

Thankfully, one of my friends dropped off some clove oil-it works like orajel but lasts a little longer. She also put some activated charcoal in the bag to help draw out the infection. And I’m popping pain pills religiously every 4-6hrs.
My dad sat with me for a while Saturday and he said I dozed off for about an hour. Charles came home a few hours early and I went to sleep.

This post isn’t all about my dental woes. The kids attended the birthday party with Charles while I stayed home to try to sleep. They rode with one of my other friends over there. I’m sure I’ve made mention of my great friends before, right? I really do have some great friends.
They had a really good time and Charles came back with pictures and video for me.

Shortly after the kids came home we had to break the news to them that Pocoyo-our guinea pig had died. Nakiah(7)took it the hardest, and I knew she would. She just loved him so much. There was a small funeral for him in the backyard. Kiah cried off and on last night and again this morning. She asked me if my pets ever died and I told her about my guinea pigs and hamsters that were buried under our grapevine in my backyard. And that I was always sad when one of my pets died.
We’re going to research other low maintenance pets. The girls have asked for hamsters so we’ll see about that.

The best part of my day happened this morning…..all three kids were in bed with me after Charles left for work. Kiah came in first asking if she could get in the bed, then came Ava a few minutes later. I soaked all of that up. It was a really great way to start this Monday.

I would really like to skip over the not so great moments….instead focus on sisters making up each others faces with marker. Making stick people, watching movies, enjoying the warmth of the sun, watching the kids kick and toss leaves around in the little strip of sidewalk they call Fall, laughter, and good times with friends.


16 thoughts on “NOT the weekend I had planned

  1. Oh, I’m do sorry to hear about your teeth pain. I hope something turns up quickly. I totally hear you on how you wonder how anybody can get insurance in our country. I’m in the same situation, insurance-wise (before pregnant) and Humnoy is on Medicaid (thank the stars). If I wasn’t pregnant and got on my husband’s work plan, my premium alone is HALF of one of his paychecks.

    Again, I feel your pain and I’m sure all good things will come soon. I hope very soon for the pain!

  2. Darcel, is the closest hospital to you a non profit hospital? If so then you need to get yourself down there right now and get on some medicine. This is a crying shame in the US that you are having to go through this and I am very concerned for you. If it’s a non profit hospital they should have a plan so you can get this written off, but for now you need help.

    • I don’t think it’s a non profit. I’m actually scared to go to that one. It doesn’t have a good reputation at all, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. It is a shame….my husband and I don’t qualify for Medicaid or the other program they offer here. If I were a single mom or pregnant then I would qualify. That is so messed up. Makes me wonder how many other people are uninsured. So sad.

  3. So sorry to hear about your teeth! Maybe you can use local connections to find a dentist that will barter with you for services? I am dealing with some dental issues myself. The dentist is taking a wait and see approach (I may need a root canal) which is definitely not fun while I’m in pain! And poor Pocoyo! I told my kids and they were stunned. I’ll pour out a little kombucha for the homie, lol.

    • I know! I feel terrible about Pocoyo. We were thinking that Christmas would be a good time to surprise them with a new pet. I’ll check with some of the other ladies here about their dentist. Tooth pain is the worst and I hope you don’t need a root canal.

  4. Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well because of your tooth. It sucks that you and your husband don’t have insurance. I’m telling getting insurance now days is worst than trying to get approved for a mortgage now days. These insurance companies should be ashamed of themselves for making premiums so high.

    I hope that you all are able to work something out soon. Not sure if you all have Free Clinics in your area, but if so maybe you could see one of the doctors there and get some help. Also, have you thought about knitting scarves and little baby blankets to sell to help bring in some extra cash? With this economy still down every little bit helps. Keeping you and the family in my prayers!

    • There is a clinic here that offers services on a sliding scale according to income. They want an arm and a leg for payment upfront too. I’ve tried to look into dental students, but they only do cleanings, and there are no absolutely free clinics that I’ve come across.

      You know, I have thought of selling blankets and scarves, just not sure my work is good enough to sell. Then I think it doesn’t have to be perfect, but what if no one purchased anything I made! Won’t know unless I try. Thanks for putting the thought back in my head.

  5. Life is made up of every moment. I am glad you shared. Though I am not glad you were in pain. I am glad you have wonderful, wise family and friends. I am glad to “know” you too. I hope the insurance issues are solved soon for you and your hubs. I seriously get pretty angry when I hear people talk about free-markets solving insurance issues for people. Grrr. be well,

    • It’s ridiculous. The insurance through my husbands job would be pretty expensive. Going with the state seems to be impossible at this point, but I’m looking a few other options.

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