in my kitchen

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my kitchen this past week….and I’m really liking it! Summer is often times too hot to stand over the stove for any length of time. The temperatures haven’t been that much cooler lately, but I couldn’t resist making chili the other day.


I like my chili spicy….but can’t make it too spicy or the kids won’t eat it.
I use tomatoes, beans, ground beef, and black pepper. I should have added some squash from my garden and I can’t use it at all since it was mowed down yesterday.
I’m going to try out several variations of chili this fall. Jiffy makes this really good apple cinnamon cornbread and that’s what I use when I can find it, but next time I want to try homemade.

I tried something new earlier this week that I came across on Pinterest, bacon chicken.


I used maple flavored bacon instead of brown sugar like the recipe called for. We had greenbeans with baked potatoes. It was sooooo good!
Samuel liked it, but the girls did not. They couldn’t understand why I would wrap chicken with bacon….so they picked it apart and nibbled on it that way.

I made spaghetti and garlic bread last night, and we’ll have the leftovers for dinner tonight.
Tilapia is on the menu for the weekend and I haven’t decided what to pair with it yet.

While these aren’t exactly things o cooked in the kitchen, they are what the kids made while I was cooking….and you can see part of the kitchen in one picture….of course they took the occasional break to come help me add ingredients to the chili and take turns stirring.



Now if I can get back to baking we’ll be all set!
What have you been cooking up in your kitchen this week?


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