waiting for the storm to pass

This post is dedicated to everyone facing storms in their life right now. No matter how big or small, no matter how short or long. We all have times where we want to call it quits, but we don’t. We have ourselves to take care of and a family to look after.


Going through a storm is not always the easiest thing to do. Some storms in our life last for a few moments-hours maybe? Other storms seem to last for years and those are the ones that try us. They make us question everything we thought we were, everything we thought we knew and believed in. The waves are more than we can bear….tossing us all over the place, barely giving us a chance to catch our breath before the next wave hits. Sometimes the waves are so strong, they pull us back down as soon as we come up for air. We’re left thinking why me….what terrible things have I done in my life to deserve this? This is not the life I dreamed about or planned at all!

Then the sun shines for a moment or sometimes days and we feel hopeful again. And just as we’re getting our bearings – here comes another storm. Maybe we’re better equipped this time. Maybe that little bit of sun gave us just the amount of faith we needed to be able to make it through.

What if the storm doesn’t pass? What do we do then? Do we learn to accept the storms? Do we learn to appreciate and  treasure the moments of sunshine no matter how long they last or how scarce they may be? I wonder if our storms sometimes start to define who we are….or who we think we are.

Ever wonder if we each have a perfect storm? One that is made just for us….not only to test us, but to mold us into who and what we were always meant to be.

If our storms never seem to subside…. maybe we can at least learn to laugh and dance in the rain.

“Sometimes God calms the storm, but sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms His child ~ Leslie Gould


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