Moms Night Out


It had been months since the last time I was out to dinner with friends. Earlier in the week I posted on Facebook that I would be kidless and wanted to go out. No one seemed to be free…. so I figured sitting at home with wine, knitting and catching up on tv shows would be just fine.

But Thursday my friend Amy called to tell me she was getting a babysitter, so we talked about putting together a last minute MNO. Out of 15 there were six of us that made it. Not too bad for a last minute get together.
I went out Saturday afternoon to purchase a couple of accessories so I could look and feel a little glamorous.


We decided on Press 626. I’ve wanted to eat there for at least a year now. I would see it whenever we drove to the hospital. Three kids with asthma…you know I saw that place a lot.

The atmosphere was casually elegant. Dim lighting, tiny candles on the table, water poured from wine bottles into shot glasses.
The food was ah-mazing! I had the award winning grilled cheese with bacon and potato leek soup.


It was one of the best MNO I’ve ever been out to!
I’m in the back with the pink shirt and there’s my friend Dee in the front on the right. I warned everyone that all pictures taken by me were subject to be used on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


We sat there talking and laughing for four hours….left when they closed and continued the conversation outside. Looking forward to doing this again soon.


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