on my needles

I’m going to admit something that I thought I never would….I see why people prefer wool over acrylic yarn. There I said it.
It’s soooo soft and stretchy, the way it glides over the needles with ease. I’ve noticed the cotton seems to stick, or maybe I’m holding it too tight. Even the wool/acrylic blends have this bounce and softness to them.

I’m becoming a yarn snob! I still have plenty of cotton to knit and crochet with and I’m going to use it. I see no point in leaving pretty yarn to sit just because it’s not wool.


So…I’m knitting two cowls(don’t seem to be knitting much else lately). The pretty rainbow one is for Kiah, using size 10 needles and a cotton/wool mix. Yes that is what I was using for her Noro hat, but I didn’t like the way the yarn was striping so I frogged it. While doing so she asked me to make her a circle scarf. Now I love the way the yarn is striping. The green and blue is on size 9 needles that I’ve been borrowing from Dee since February. I promise I’m going to buy my own and give yours back.

Remember my pretty blue and purple cowl from last week? I finished it and started to cast off….but somehow ended up with dropped stitches and I’m having trouble fixing it. I think I turned my work when I sat it down to get something for the kids. I keep looking at it and I don’t want to frog it. Just thinking about it has me upset.

Still reading Free To Learn. Well, I read two pages this week.
So that’s what I’ve been working on project wise this past week.

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along.


7 thoughts on “on my needles

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  2. I love working with wool, too. But I have a friend that is allergic to it and when I wanted to make her a pair of socks, I went looking for something new. I tried a bamboo/silk blend and OMG delicious. It was like..I dunno, glorious.

  3. Ha! Love it, welcome to the land of the yarn snobs. Though seriously, if I put that much time into something, I don’t want it to hurt when I am done. Acrylic does seem to hurt. Right now I am knitting Elijah’s scarf in an acrylic blend which is a little wonky for me but I refuse to knowingly knit him something expensive to lose. 😉

  4. Ha, you are too funny Darcel. I love wool too, but I also use a lot of cotton since it is so practical for the deep south. I enjoy hand washing too [and doing the dishes].

  5. welcome to the dark side. i too love wool and how tender it is to my joints as I knit away! The only down side is hand washing the garments, but I’ve become accustom to that chore. Lovely knits!!!

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