SuperMom For A Day

I spent almost the entire day at the dentist office so the girls could get some much needed dental work done.

They took Ava back first and then proceeded to tell me that I would have to wait in the lobby with Samuel because I couldn’t go from room to room with the girls and him on my back. After asking if it was a gas chamber room and the answer being no, I told them I would not be waiting in the lobby.

One assistant walks me to the back ,I walk into the room and Ava is crying, already hooked up to the mask. When I ask why she was crying the dental assistant informs me that they had already started the gas and novocaine. I was already upset as soon as I saw and heard Ava crying, but hearing what they had done sent me over the edge. All I could think was that I wasn’t there to hold her hand and how scared she must have been. Mama Bear came out to play for a few minutes….
I told the assistant that it is never ok to start working on my children without my being in the room, ever.
I told her that my child is not just another patient…she is my 5yr old little girl and was scared, probably wondering where her mom was.

I was trying not to be too loud because I didn’t want to get kicked out, and I think I may have frightened the girl, but whatever. She apologized several times.
After that I followed the Dr. in and out of the rooms while he worked on each girl.
Both girls did so well.

Once he finished with Ava, we all went into Kiah’s room. I made Ava comfortable in one chair, moved Samuel from my back to front so he could nurse. Kiah didn’t want me holding her hand so I rubbed her leg.
In that moment I felt like supermom in so many ways.
I had spent the day going back and forth between girls while they had xrays, teeth cleaning, and dental work. I was attending to the needs of three young children by myself in a stressful environment. My children know I will always stand up for them no matter the situation.

Then I came home and cooked spaghetti for dinner with chocolate chip brownies for dessert. Kiah ate a little bit of noodles with the sauce and felt well enough for some brownie, but Ava wasn’t up to it just yet, so she ate mandarin oranges.
Oh, and I finished a knitting project I started yesterday.

I felt like SuperMom for the day.


6 thoughts on “SuperMom For A Day

  1. Good for you Darcel! It’s it amazing how becoming a mama makes us so brave? At least that is how it is for me. For most of my life I sat back, hiding in the shadows so as not to draw attention to myself and would never say anything, even when others treated me badly. Enter motherhood and I developed a voice; you mess with my babies and I am going to let you have it!

  2. The dentist’s office with scared kids is one of the most stressful places to be, as a parent. Glad you were able to get things taken care of and stood up for the kiddos. You didn’t ask me if I wanted brownies though. I see how it is.

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