A Monday in October




I was thinking about taking the bus to the zoo, but the forecast called for rain. I rescheduled that trip for later in the week.
The morning started by sitting outside with Samuel while he watched the trucks drive up and down the street.

Later on we walked to the store to grab paper for the printer. Kiah has asked to do paperwork(worksheets)and of course Ava wants to do it too. They mainly ask for math so that’s what we’ve been doing the most.

I had a proud mama moment when I went to their grade level in various subjects and discovered they had learned the material years ago. And they knew some things above their grade level. I’m not doing too bad with this homeschooling thing!

It was a gorgeous day out so we spent a good chunk of our day outside…it was so nice! The breeze with the warm sun beating down on us, the sound of the leaves hitting the ground. We didn’t do anything extra special today, but I would put this down as one of my favorite days this Fall season.


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