Perfect Weekend

I wasn’t too sure how this weekend was going to turn out…lucky for me it ended up being fabulous!


Saturday: I attended a Graco Blogger Event at Babies R Us. My friend TheDanaK picked me up and we had a great time.
Let me tell ya, this new carseat, the Graco Snugride Click Connect 40 is pretty amazing. Two carseats in one-it goes from birth to two years old(40lbs).

It’s always nice to meet other bloggers in person. We bloggers speak our own language. We get to talking about Twitter, how often we do or don’t blog, how and why we started, what our blog is about. It’s really quite fascinating.

We browsed the store and then went to browse Target for belly/body butters, but came up empty.
She offered to buy me Starbucks and who says no to that? I had one of these-iced because it was quite hot that day….it was delicious!

I enjoyed a glass-or two of Moscato in the evening and watched Inception after the kids were in bed. That has made it on my list of movie favorites. I love pretty much anything Leonardo DiCaprio is in….and not just because I watched him in Growing Pains as a kid, and thought he was cute, but because he is a terrific actor.

Sunday: the kids were up early so we were lazy around the house, watching tv, eating breakfast. It wasn’t long before they were outside on their bikes, eating popsicles, playing in the dirt, and chasing each other around.





I did my usual – knitting, taking pictures and playing around on Instagram…and of course soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible.

Later in the afternoon I attempted to watch Coraline with Kiah(7) It’s one of her favorite movies. Tim Burton is a genius! Ava doesn’t care for it so she and Samuel did other things…. and if I wasn’t getting up to check on them myself, I was being called by one or both of them for something.

I started feeling anxious in the evening, so I made chocolate chip cookies. Baking and washing dishes have become anxiety reducers for me, much like knitting.


The night ended perfectly…After the kids were in bed I spoke on the phone with a friend from Minnesota. We haven’t chatted on the phone since I moved away three years ago. We have kept in touch via Facebook, but it was so good to hear her voice! We talked for 2hrs. She was so inspiring and wise… and I woke up thinking about our conversation. Those are the kinds of people I want and need in my life. I’m letting out a HUGE happy sigh for a perfect weekend.

How was yours?

Joining Habit of Being.


7 thoughts on “Perfect Weekend

  1. She sounds like a lovely friend-both the one you spent the day physically with and the one you spent your time on the phone with. I love how friends are sprinkled in our lives at just the right time. You sound looks like he is growing up!! Great photo of siblings πŸ™‚

  2. I attended the Graco event here. One of my blogger friends came. We’re actually college friends but we hadn’t seen each other in long time. So, it was great to meet up with the kids and talk blogs, brands and business.

    Sounds like we both enjoyed a weekend of reuniting with old friends in a way! Glad you had a good weekend!

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