Frankenstorm Preparation


Thanks to Frankenstorm, trick or treating will probably be rescheduled. I spoke to one of my friends back home in Ohio this morning…. she said they will have snow on Halloween – from the storm.

My mom and dad purchased the kids costumes yesterday…here’s a preview of Kiah. Isn’t she the most adorable Snow Princess!?


We picked up coloring books, I printed out some coloring pages from a new website I found called woojr. We have playdoh, books, puzzles, blank paper for the ultimate in creativity, Legos, blocks, tv and video games as long as the electricity stays on.

I stopped watching the news years ago – made me more depressed and anxious than I already was. I skip certain articles on the internet as well. It wasn’t surprising that I didn’t know about Hurricane Sandy until a few days ago when one of my friends posted about it on Facebook. Check out these photos from all over the East Coast of what Sandy has done so far, and what people are doing to prepare.

I like the nickname Frankenstorm – I don’t like how big it is. I watched this international space station clip with Kiah last night…she asked why our water was doing that and was amazed at the space view. We sat and talked about weather for a few minutes, and what the storm could do to us in this area. That’s lots of rain, flooding in certain areas, and winds up to 60mph or more.
Schools are closed today and several have turned their gym into shelters.

I have my knitting and crocheting to help keep me busy. I’m loving these bright colors, perfect for this dreary weather. This is a crochet cowl for my etsy shop. Thinking I’ll make several of these as Christmas gifts this year, but in different colors.


I pray everyone on the East Coast is safe.


5 thoughts on “Frankenstorm Preparation

  1. It sounds like you’re ready! Everything is closed here in DC, too, and I imagine we’ll be breaking out the play dough before long ourselves. Stay dry, and enjoy the downtime!

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