Life After Hurricane Sandy


Samuel slept for about 3hrs during his afternoon nap yesterday. The winds sounded like a train coming through at times and I could see the trees bending in the wind. The rain poured and poured and the temperatures continued to drop.
I don’t care too much for rainy weather, but the sound of the rain was soothing to me.

Today the rain has stopped and the wind has slowed. We are warm, dry and kept our electricity, we also had plenty of food and water. Kiah said the storm wasn’t that bad mommy….I can see some light in the clouds now”
She’s right, it wasn’t that bad – for us, but others were not so lucky.

Some of my friends have flooding in their houses, leaking roofs, our downtown area has been flooded since Saturday.
While Samuel was napping I was wondering what Sandy was doing to the rest of the east coast.
I wasn’t able to get the full picture until later in the evening. Twitter and Facebook were splashed with pictures of Ground Zero flooding, reports of tunnels and bridges closing, hospitals being evacuated….carrying babies and the elderly down flights of stairs while emergency vehicles waited to transport them.

Earlier in the day I had asked on my birth Facebook page if any pregnant mama’s were in the path of Sandy….if so, how were they doing? One mama responded that her son was born at 33 weeks, he was in the NICU an hour away, he had been there for 2 weeks and she couldn’t get to him.

My heart is so heavy for all of those affected by Sandy. I’m sitting here feeling so grateful that we are ok and that many of my friends are ok….I’m also thinking that all of the problems I’ve been dealing with this past month seem so small in comparison to what many are going through right now.
It’s not only those in New York and New Jersey that were hit, it’s their families that may not be able to get in contact with them, are sitting somewhere on the other side of the country filled with so much worry….wishing they could help and praying they will hear from them soon.

That got me to thinking about what I could do to help. I have these bags of the kids clothes that they have outgrown and I tried to sell them several times online. Since they are still sitting in my house maybe I should donate them? I could really use the money, but I’m sure someone’s kids need clothes more. It’s not much and not even close to what I wish I could do.

While our ‘life after Hurricane Sandy story’ is the same as before the storm, others are facing some very difficult times….physically and emotionally. My thoughts and prayers are with them. It’s times like these where you really see the compassion for your fellow-man show itself.

How are you doing after the storm?


4 thoughts on “Life After Hurricane Sandy

  1. The storm left me with some perspective. We are powerless at times and I remain committed to extending compassion, and putting in a little time helping others too. I’m glad you are doing well and I’m wishing a speedy recovery for the East Coast and the devastation.

  2. Doing just fine. My mom, however, has been stuck in the city. Can’t get back to Brooklyn yet. Have family/friends without power, those who no longer have yards, and others whose homes flooded. My friend’s MIL lost her business, 6 ft of water in her shop! But everyone has their health and the means to recover, which is fantastic.

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