30 Days of Gratitude: This Day


This time of year normally starts the mad rush for Christmas. Somehow Thanksgiving has been pushed to the side and looked over. It annoys me, a lot. Nothing against Christmas….but it does come after Thanksgiving – I’m just sayin’. I decided to take time this month to post every single day on something I’m grateful for.

Join in on your own blogs if you like – or simply leave a comment sharing what you’re grateful for.
I will also post daily to my Facebook page.


I am showing gratitude for this day, November 1st, 2012. It’s all I have right now. I can’t go back to yesterday and I’m tired of borrowing trouble from tomorrow.
The sun is out, the air is crisp, leaves are steadily changing color and falling off the trees.
I’m snuggled under a blanket with Samuel while I watch the girls sleep. Thinking of how thankful I am to have this day, to wake up and be able to share one more day with my family.

I’ve been observing my kids more intently lately….they’re all about right now, this moment, this day.
I wonder when on the road to adulthood do we loose this skill –Β  the ability to live for right now? I’m not naive – I know we have bills to pay, food to put on the table, apppintments to make, to do lists to go over. Here’s the thing – the bills and to do lists aren’t going anywhere! We only have this one day, this one life. I want to recapture what my kids have already mastered…living and loving right now.

What would it hurt if we focused only on today? Maybe we would laugh more and worry less. Maybe we would start to appreciate the small things in our lives. I want to really love life again – not just go through the motions. I don’t believe that’s why any of us were put on this earth….to live this boring, mundane existence? I don’t think so! If we could focus on today and find something to enjoy and love about it, maybe we would start to see life through the eyes of our children. The world isn’t all bad.

What about this day are you thankful for?


10 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude: This Day

  1. I am thankful that I read this post, because it’s lovely . I am also thankful for my electricity which is back as of yesterday and for the linesmen that brought it back to me πŸ™‚

  2. What a fabulous thing to be thankful for! And the very nicest thing about ‘today’ is that there will be another one tomorrow. πŸ˜‰
    Participating in the Gratitude Challenge as well. Loving reading others’ posts. Helps us open our eyes to all there is to be grateful for.

  3. I totally agree Darcel, I love Thanksgiving, the food, family, the feel in the air, and it always seems to get skipped. Today I am thankful for all of my babies, they make me laugh, cry, smile, scream and they make me proud!

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  5. such a wise thought- so simple, yet we so rarely do it. I am at my happiest moments in time when I’m with my chidren and when I forget about everything else except this moment here and now.

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