30 Days of Gratitude Day 4: High Heel Shoes


I was in the mall the other day and walked past these pretties. You know pink is one of my favorite colors. My heels have been missing since April. I would love to just walk around the house wearing them. I have this pair I really wanted to wear….red with a bow on the front and small ruffled down the sides. So cute!

Nothing against the flats and wedges I’ve been wearing….there’s something about the right pair of 4-6in heels that makes me feel sassy and super confident.
Maybe I’ll get into the right pair again one day…soon.

What are you thankful for today?


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude Day 4: High Heel Shoes

  1. I love those…I use to wear heels like that all the time to work, now I’m working in the medical field, I hardly ever even buy heels anymore. What I’m thankful for today is that I’m feeling better than I was yesterday, been sick for 2 days with bronchitis.

  2. I hope you bought those! They are FABULOUS! I know what you mean. Something so feminine about wearing High Heels. As a Realtor I wore them every day. Now as a Dorm Mentor… never day… lol. I wear my good ole Clarks with jeans usually. However, I miss wearing heels.

      • Those shoes have SEXY and SWEET written all over them. I love wearing heels and do so whenever I’m not wearing scrubs and tennis shoes. My husband loves heels too and actually picks most of them out for me. He saw these and wanted me to ask which store you saw these shoes and who the designer was?

        P.S. Treat yourself and go buy them….you deserve them!!!!!!!!!

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