Simple things that make me happy

Baking chocolate chip cookies with the kids. They love helping me out in the kitchen…it’s more messy, but fun.


The Fall season is in full swing now!
There are piles of leaves all over the place, but still plenty waiting to fall to the ground.


Yummy Yummy Yarn! I enjoyed browsing the isles and picking these out. My cowl(see previous post)will be done in the next day or two….I had to modify it a bit to have it ready to wear by Thanksgiving. I’m dreaming of what the new wool yarns will become. Cowls of course – just undecided on the patterns.


The mountains of toys scattered about get on my nerves sometimes, but other times coming across them just so makes me smile. These scenes are some of those times.



Not pictured:

Night out with some friends Friday.

Phone conversations with friends back home.

Entenmann’s chocolate donuts

A hot bowl of chili

Starting the Twilight series on tv…I’m only up to New Moon and while I know what happens for the most part, I would like to keep how it happens secret. No spoilers please! Thinking I should read the books.


11 thoughts on “Simple things that make me happy

  1. so much goodness in your weekend darcel! time with a friend and beautiful autumn and little helpers in the kitchen — hope all of this goodness continues for you this week!

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