on my needles



I finally finished my cowl! There were 7 rows left last night and I couldn’t get them finished then. All three of the kids were up past midnight….that was freaky. Everyone was overtired.
I’m so happy I finished it this morning and can wear it to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
It came out really long and I didn’t make it as wide as the pattern called for…maybe on the next one.


The blue and white is crochet and the other three are knit.
I’m loving the way the seed stitch pops on that cranberry yarn. I think that one will fit ages 2-10. The last one I made similar to it was able to fit all three kids. The grey/black/white is just getting started and I’m still thinking over the pattern in my head.
All of them will be up in the store over the next few days except the black and white. That’s going to take a couple more weeks to finish.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

p.s. There will be free shipping in the store from November 23rd-26th.


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