I had my first etsy sale Sunday night! So excited…still beam whenever I think about it. Had two glasses of red wine to celebrate. Packing up the cowl and mailing it off Monday felt pretty amazing. I’m consumed with ideas for the shop, yarn and  knitting needles – more than before. I’ve been trying to work smart and not hard in promoting my shop – trying not to be spammy.
I’m having so much fun creating though.


We’re in birthday party prep mode here. I will have an 8yr old that looks like she’s 10 in less than two weeks! Have you ever felt really busy and overwhelmed, but then look around and realize there’s not too much out of the normal going on? Guess that’s all it takes to feel off sometimes….a little bit beyond the norm.


Yesterday started off being a difficult day. Samuel didn’t sleep well the night before and that means I didnt either.
You know how people say to hit the reset button? That wouldn’t do…I needed that big red easy button.
The longer I lounged in my PJ’s the worse I felt, so I got dressed and put on some makeup and took the kids outside. Made me feel much better.

I’ve felt really out of sync the last few days and I’m sure it’s due to the lack of sleep. Saying that as I sit here and type this post up after midnight….but Samuel just went back to sleep. He didn’t nap until after 5pm and then woke at 7 something.
Sitting here holding my sleeping toddler, Kiah walks by carrying two spatula’s….she wants to know if it’s ok if they use them to stir modeling clay. It is. At least they’ll sleep in.


I think Today needs to be a slow go with the flow day. I’m tired, slightly cranky, and feeling disconnected from the kids…even though we’re together 24/7. I feel like it’s been forever since I really looked at them. It’s weird, being with someone all the time, but not really with them. There’s nothing wrong with everyone doing their own thing, but some intentional togetherness is much needed.



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