The last days of Autumn





The kids love playing in the leaves…it is fun. I remember jumping in the piles as a kid.
No sand, but my kids are creative, so they made dirt castles.

I know some have had Christmas music playing since November 1st…I can’t do it.

We’ve always made the transition to Christmas after Kiah’s birthday so that the two are separate.
I know that the calendar doesn’t read Winter until the middle of December. I’ve always considered the 1st of December to be the beginning of winter.

Our temperatures have been in the mid to upper 50’s and we don’t have snow yet….we’re really hoping for snow this year. It’s been two years since the girls have seen it and Samuel was too young to remember. He was watching a snow plow video on YouTube the other day and said mama, what’s that? So yes, we need snow! I grew up in Ohio…I’m used to seasons. If I had the money I would take the kids up to Northern Virginia. They get snow.

I was supposed to be talking about the last days of fall, but ended up going on and on about winter and Christmas.
At first I was thinking this month went by too fast….honestly I’m ready for the transition to Christmasy type things – just one more week to make that happen.
Goodbye Autumn and Hello Winter.

Enjoy your weekend!


2 thoughts on “The last days of Autumn

  1. What lovely pictures! I hope you will add this to the autumn carnival linky which is open for a few more days. I’ll be in touch very soon about the winter carnival. I think we may have snow soon here. It’s been very cold! 🙂

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