Eight Years Old






We had a just family celebration for Kiah on her birthday. The party with friends and family will be this weekend….at Chuck E. Cheese…per her request. She had so much fun with her friends there last year and told us that’s where she wanted back in October.

Charles came to stay for a few days for her birthday and the kids really enjoyed having him here.
She opened gifts first thing after waking up. A fashion designer set from me, a pop-up space book from Mamaw and Peepaw, a Mario baseball game from Uncle R with a doll that she’s not put down since she opened it.

Ms. 8yr old Kiah also requested a Brownie cake for her birthday. Since it started getting late Wednesday we decided to bake the brownies Thursday. We used this recipe. They were delicious! She’s not a big chocolate eater, but she loves brownies….and requested I top them with chocolate chips like her friends mommy does. I helped with measuring but the girls did all the mixing and pouring.
We have the pleasure of making another batch for her party Saturday.


p.s. thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say for all the encouraging and supportive comments from my last post.
but I do thank you…that post was difficult to write and share. thank you…thank you…thank you.


5 thoughts on “Eight Years Old

  1. Happy Birthday Lovely Kiah! Anad happy birth-day to you mama. I am holding you up along with all your family and friends. We care!

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