on my needles

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. Look at all that pink goodness! When I look at this photo I feel happy….all of my favorite colors being made into such cute and cozy things with my imagination, yarn, knitting needles.

Is it weird that I want to print and frame this picture?


The pink/red/white/brown is being made into a pixie hat like this one.  I ended up finishing the hat this evening but am waiting for daylight to take photos.
I’m thinking of making another hat, some hair bows, and would love to see how the pattern of the yarn unfolds in a kids cowl. We’ll see.

I’m going to add hairbows to the shop soon, if not by this weekend than the next. I need to work on making the middle wrapped yarn thinner. The girls love them – I think they’ll get some for Christmas. The pink lace yarn came from this shop. My first time using lace weight yarn and it may be my last for a while… It took me an hour to cast on and an hour to get through one row! Can’t wait to see how it turns out though….keeping it simple with a garter stitch cowl.

I wish I had gotten two skeins of the chunky pink/red multicolored yarn when I first saw it two weeks ago. This was the last one and it didnt even have the label on it….so I can’t tell what colorway it is. I know the brand(Bernat Worsted) and looked it up online, but can’t find it.

Oh, and check out my new knitting needles. I was so giddy when they came in the mail. The straight ones are size 15 and so are the light colored circulars, and the dark wood is a size 13. They are fabulous – purchased from this shop.
I’ve had two sales since opening my shop and am messaging back and forth with some potential customers. The two sales are more than I thought I would have before the end of this year, and I’m very thankful for them. I have tons of ideas and plans for the shop and I’m really excited about it.

Well, there ya go…my current knitting projects. What have you been creating lately?


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