The kids have been enjoying playing with all of their new presents the last few days. The girls have been engrossed in Mario Smash Brothers for the Wii and their Lalaloopsy dolls. Listening to them play house cracks me up. Remember changing your voice to how you wanted that doll to sound? Samuel has more trucks than he knows what to do with. He invites everyone to play and race cars with him. Watching him operate his remote control car is adorable. I wasn’t sure if he would take a nap Christmas Day because there was too much going on with all of the excitement, but he did…. I love that picture. He’s always going to sleep and nursing with a truck. I can tell when he’s about to drift off because he stops driving the cars all over me.

I finished my scarf and I love it! Next time I’m going to get more than one skein of this yarn…..the way the colors change is so pretty. It’s a really soft wool so it’s not scratchy.
The weather has cooled off quite a bit over the last few days. I think we’re having temps in the 40’s now.  On Christmas day we had the windows open and it was sunny. No plans for New years right now. I have some ideas….maybe baking some sugar cookies or brownies. Everyone seems to love the brownies. Probably take down the tree and hang out. I’m hoping to get out and buy them more arts and crafts supplies in the next couple of days.  Hmm, maybe we do have plans.

I changed my blog design again and this should be the last time…. I’m in love with this theme and was able to customize it to my liking as far as colors go, so I think I’m done playing with it. I wanted something that made me feel girly and happy…mission accomplished!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with friends and family. See ya next year!

9 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Thanks for sharing the snapshots. I am so thrilled to see the kids had a nice Christmas. I know you were worried, so that must be a load off your shoulders. God is good! Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

  2. Hi Darcel!!!!
    Loving the new look! I’ve been thinking of you even though I’ve been a little behind the times with visiting other blogs.
    Sending you much love in 2013….

  3. Man, I miss my little man nursing sometimes. He’s nearly 4 and still reaches for the boobies. LOL. He stopped nursing earlier this year. It pains me still to hear he doesn’t need the booby. Savor every moment, which I am sure you are.Happy your kids re enjoying their presents and the brownies. Now i am hungry all over again. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

    • When I was writing this post I was thinking of how I’ll miss him nursing. Some days I wonder if he’ll ever self wean, but I know I’ll miss that part of our lives once he’s done.

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