Snow Day 2013










My wish finally came true! They kept saying we were going to get snow and we did have some flurries the other day, but it didn’t stick. Samuel was 5-6 months old the last time he saw snow, so he doesn’t remember it.
He wanted to go out when it first started but quickly decided he didn’t like it. We came back in the house after a few minutes and he said ” what’s this on me?”  I said those are snowflakes and he said ” get those off me.”
Once the girls saw how much snow was out there, they decided they wanted to go out and play. Samuel enjoyed himself much more the 2nd time around. I was happy to wake up and see the snow was still on the ground. We’re headed back out in it soon. I’m so glad it finally snowed! We didn’t get any last winter. We only  have 1-2inches and it’s just enough to make the neighborhood look pretty. Snow covered trees and roofs, the kids footprints in the snow.

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