The Storm

I was on my way to get Charles from work one day this past week and it started to rain. As we drove it was hard to tell if the rain was coming or going. In some spots it looked like the storm had already rolled through, but then only what seemed to be a few miles away, the ground was dry. Traffic was heavy, so I decided to snap some pictures while we sat waiting to move.

I love how the sky can look so dramatic at one moment, and the next peaceful.  Kiah pointed out to me the other day how on our side of the street we had storm clouds rolling in, and you could hear the thunder, but across the street the sky was blue and clear.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get lucky enough to snap a picture of a rainbow.

Linking this post up for Skywatch Friday.

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Skywatch Friday: Before The Storm

This is what the sky looked like yesterday before the storm. I went out to grab my things off the line before it poured. I’m always looking at the sky(as I’ve said many times before) and had to run back in to grab my phone so I could take pictures.

After my post yesterday I started thinking about how calm and sunny my life seems, and in an instant with the next thought, I can feel depressed.
I’m on day 3 of feeling much better. Life is like that – everything is smooth sailing and then BAM! you get knocked down. I’m glad I have support, they help me get back up when I’m too weak to pull myself up.

They don’t know it – but I had two friends last week at different times tell me they were thinking about me.

It stormed last night, nothing too bad. Saw some serious lightning, heard the thunder rumble and it was pretty gusty. It was actually kinda calming. I don’t mind a good rain every now and then. Looking outside today you can’t tell it rained last night.

Storms come and go, that’s a part of life. This is a part of my life. I may not understand why I’m going through it at the time, but I do believe there is a reason. I’m thinking of these pictures as a reminder that even when I’m feeling down, it won’t last forever.

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