No Sleep For Mama

The weather has been soooo nice and spring like the last two days. I wish it would stay that way but it won’t. It’s supposed to cool off and rain….you all know how I feel about the rain. March and April bring tons of rain every single year. I know we need it for stuff to grow, but seriously, weeks of dark rainy days? I can’t do it. I need and crave the warmth and sunshine. I’m looking forward to being able to ride the bus or lightrail with the kids. I know they’ll really enjoy it, especially Samuel. That boy is in love with buses and trains. We plan on having a small garden in those containers by the fence. Looking forward to giving gardening another try.


You know what I’ve been doing for the last several nights? Wishing , praying and hoping the kids into sleep. Did you know that doesn’t work? I’ve wanted to scream Go The $#@% To Sleep!  many times. Don’t click that link if you’re easily offended.  I’ve always stayed up late at night to have quiet time. I haven’t had that in months! Kiah is a natural night owl like me, I get that, but the other two are messing with me. They’re conspiring against me to see how fast they can drive me over the edge. I’m joking… sort of.

Where’s  the expert book ‘No Sleep For Mama‘ on motherhood that explains in great detail how to survive off 2-4hrs a sleep Oh, there’s isn’t one? I’ll write it with all my free time . I’ve got to get more sleep and more time to myself so I don’t explode. Thinking of exercising several times a week at the Rec center while my parents watch the kids. That’s a win-win.

I’ve also decided that I’m ready to wean Samuel. He’ll be three this spring and I’m feeling so done. He didn’t seem ready a few weeks ago, but since then he’s cut back on the length of time he nurses and isn’t asking whenever I’m sitting. Seems like the perfect time. Maybe he’s starting to self wean on his own….I’m hoping he’ll be completely weaned not long after his 3rd bday. The girls weaned on their own so this is my first time going through the actual process, should be interesting.

Pictures of how cute the kids are and what we’ve been up to in the last seven days.

Watching Charlie and LoLa

Watching Charlie and LoLa

Making homemade playdoh

Making homemade playdoh



Little pieces of heaven for mama

Little pieces of heaven for mama

I almost forgot to mention that I merged my birth blog with this one, and moved the Facebook birth blog page to this blogs Facebook page. I also imported my very first blog into this one… I’ve had a lot of blogs!
Guess it took me a while to figure out The Mahogany Way is home.  I was like a hamster on the wheel trying to maintain two blogs and FB pages. My new motto is to keep it simple whenever possible. You’ll see more posts about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, like it was back in 2009/2010 when I first started blogging.  There’s still a lot of links I need to move over here, so far it looks like the content, pages, and comments imported perfectly in order.

Soooo, what have you been up to?


One Day At A Time


How have you all been? We’re doing pretty good in our part of the world. The kids are growing so so fast and I’m going through an awakening of sorts. I’m finally working on an update to this post. It’s been a long time coming and I’ve debated on what I want to share and what I don’t. I think I’m going to keep sharing like I always have. I started this blog almost four years ago to find other moms like me, to share and connect with them, and I want to keep it that way. Even though I share a lot here, more than others may think is appropriate, it’s who I am and what I do in this space. You all know we’re going through a rough time right now and I would like to get back to writing about our life. It’s not all rainbows and roses, but it’s not Armageddon either. I want to be able to look back on this year and be able to read about the struggles and the happy moments. That’s what real life is about, right?  We plan for one thing and it almost always turns out in a different way. There have been plenty of times where I’ve thought ‘maybe I shouldn’t have said that, or I don’t want to offend anyone‘ I’m not on this earth to please everyone and I couldn’t do it if I wanted to try. The only person I need to please is me. That’s why I’ve been quiet for so long….I didn’t have anything to say and the break was nice, but now I have a lot to say.

I don’t feel as depressed as I did several months ago and I thank God and Lexapro for that.Yo know I’m living with my parents again and my brother signed p for a month free of Netflix. I caught p on Downton Abbey, Started The Walking Dead and didn’t think it was for me…I was feeling really crappy one night and decided something with blood and gore wold be just what I needed. I was hooked! I also bookmarked some documentaries for the girls. All about Dolphins for Ava and Sharks and Space for Kiah. I started watching the best show ever again, LOST. It’s almost like watching it for the first time, except I know the characters and how it ends. All that happened in between is fascinating to me all over again. There’s so much I forgot about.

The girls are heavy into doll play. They’ve taken it a step further by dressing the animals. They don’t need me as much anymore and are content to be off doing their own thing. This place is small and when they need or want something I’m not far.



I’m still knitting and crocheting. I made these stuffed dolls for the kids. I think I’m going to make more and list them in the shop. The girls took theirs to Girl Scouts and everyone was raving over them. I have several more ideas for the designs and I’m excited to try them.

girlpillow stffedman


I think someone took my baby and replaced him with this big kid overnight. You should see him building trains with the legos. He has plenty of trains, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, etc… and he still loves to make his own. He’s so detailed with it. He’s always in my lap, near my lap, under my feet, lying beside me, or standing on my feet. Isn’t he getting big?



I’m ready to see some green on these trees! Not long ago I was whining about snow and we had just enough for the kids to play in. It came and went, now I’m done with the cooler weather. I’m ready for the beach and flowers, and when that comes I’ll complain bout the bugs.
Oh, I’ve also started a daily devotional, words of encouragement sort of thing. It does help. I keep reminding myself to take life one day at a time. There’s no need to bring tomorrow’s problems into today. I say that to myself  when I start to feel overwhelmed, and if I’m going to be honest…I say that to myself several times a day! It really does help to keep me in the present moment. It’s so easy for me to think about six months from now, and it’s ridiculous to think that way when I don’t even know what’s coming six days from now. Considering our current situation, and if you know me well, I’m handling things very well.



Yo may have noticed that I’m testing out ‘water marks’ on my pictures. I like the pink, of course, but I think I’ll try to make the font a little smaller.