Six Favorite Things

Remember Oprah’s Annual Favorite Things? Well, mine won’t be that grand but I think they’re still nice. After my last post I thought something light and fun was in order.


International Delight Coffee Creamer Singles –  So far I’ve tried Heath and Caramel Macchiato. Makes waking up in the morning taste so much better.

LOST on Netflix. I said it before and have no shame in saying it again…it’s even better the 2nd time around after all these years. I’m at the beginning of season five now. I don’t want it to be over! I also watched The Medicated Child documentary – thoughts on that in another post.

Daily Homeschool Freebies on Facebook – I’ve downloaded two free books onto Kindle since discovering this page last week. The Absorbent Mind for me and Out of This World for the kids. I haven’t started my book yet but plan to this week. The girls are fascinated with books on my phone and the computer. I think it’s cute that they’re so amazed by that since they’re growing up around all of this new technology.

PreggyBellies on instagram – Mama’s to be of all shapes and sizes sharing their baby belly’s. Going to look and see if they have something like that for the breastfeeding and babywearing mama’s too.

My Inspiration board on Pinterest – Thoughts and quotes to keep me going.

Toddlers playing in the rain – Specifically MY toddler. I wasn’t feeling up to going outside this particular day…he kept insisting. I’m glad I went out with him. He knew what I needed to de-stress.



Spring Fever

There were two days this week where it was in the 60’s and 70’s….it gave me Spring Fever. We took the kids to the beach(kinda weird since it snowed not too long ago) on the warmer of the two days. It’s been eight months or longer since we’ve been. Days later and I’m enjoying the flashbacks of our beach trip. It’s the kind of place that stays with you after you leave.
I forgot how nice Grommet Island is.



We took a break from the playground area for a few minutes to check out a pet tortoise. He was 15yrs old. His owner said someone found him on the boardwalk and gave him to her.  He was so cool!

IMG_20130130_173832Ava wanted to put her feet in the water. I told her it would be freezing but she didn’t care.


When I saw Nakiah sitting up here I asked if I could take her picture. She quickly posed and went back to climbing up the wave and jumping off of it.


I don’t think my dad knew I snapped this picture of him helping Samuel with the toy digger.




As always –  the beach allowed me to forget about my problems for a while. The sound of the waves, the sand between my toes, watching and listening to the kids laugh and play.
We’re going to spend as much time as we can at the beaches this summer.