No Sleep For Mama

The weather has been soooo nice and spring like the last two days. I wish it would stay that way but it won’t. It’s supposed to cool off and rain….you all know how I feel about the rain. March and April bring tons of rain every single year. I know we need it for stuff to grow, but seriously, weeks of dark rainy days? I can’t do it. I need and crave the warmth and sunshine. I’m looking forward to being able to ride the bus or lightrail with the kids. I know they’ll really enjoy it, especially Samuel. That boy is in love with buses and trains. We plan on having a small garden in those containers by the fence. Looking forward to giving gardening another try.


You know what I’ve been doing for the last several nights? Wishing , praying and hoping the kids into sleep. Did you know that doesn’t work? I’ve wanted to scream Go The $#@% To Sleep!  many times. Don’t click that link if you’re easily offended.  I’ve always stayed up late at night to have quiet time. I haven’t had that in months! Kiah is a natural night owl like me, I get that, but the other two are messing with me. They’re conspiring against me to see how fast they can drive me over the edge. I’m joking… sort of.

Where’s  the expert book ‘No Sleep For Mama‘ on motherhood that explains in great detail how to survive off 2-4hrs a sleep Oh, there’s isn’t one? I’ll write it with all my free time . I’ve got to get more sleep and more time to myself so I don’t explode. Thinking of exercising several times a week at the Rec center while my parents watch the kids. That’s a win-win.

I’ve also decided that I’m ready to wean Samuel. He’ll be three this spring and I’m feeling so done. He didn’t seem ready a few weeks ago, but since then he’s cut back on the length of time he nurses and isn’t asking whenever I’m sitting. Seems like the perfect time. Maybe he’s starting to self wean on his own….I’m hoping he’ll be completely weaned not long after his 3rd bday. The girls weaned on their own so this is my first time going through the actual process, should be interesting.

Pictures of how cute the kids are and what we’ve been up to in the last seven days.

Watching Charlie and LoLa

Watching Charlie and LoLa

Making homemade playdoh

Making homemade playdoh



Little pieces of heaven for mama

Little pieces of heaven for mama

I almost forgot to mention that I merged my birth blog with this one, and moved the Facebook birth blog page to this blogs Facebook page. I also imported my very first blog into this one… I’ve had a lot of blogs!
Guess it took me a while to figure out The Mahogany Way is home.  I was like a hamster on the wheel trying to maintain two blogs and FB pages. My new motto is to keep it simple whenever possible. You’ll see more posts about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, like it was back in 2009/2010 when I first started blogging.  There’s still a lot of links I need to move over here, so far it looks like the content, pages, and comments imported perfectly in order.

Soooo, what have you been up to?


6 thoughts on “No Sleep For Mama

  1. I was telling my husband a few nights ago, that the only time I get to myself is when it’s time for me to go to bed. Which sucks because I’m not consciously doing anything to enjoy “my time”. I want to lay in the bed and chill but I can’t stay up late because I wake up early to exercise. Now, I have started checking the grocery store circulars for sales on my special food items. If I see something on sale I want to get, I take some time on Sundays and go to the store ALONE to buy something for me and just to be out and about without the kids for a change. I’m never gone longer than 30 minutes but it’s what I can do to get out and be alone (even if it is in a crowded supermarket). Now if I can only find some time to sew and craft, it would be a perfect world. 🙂

    • I’ve been there before. It can be rough. We can’t take care of anyone else if we don’t take proper care of ourselves. Motherhood is definitely a balancing act. Maybe we’ll be let in on the secret one day.

  2. Getting into the groove of this home thing. I am at home now with the kiddos and I am enjoying the energy. Funny I still don’t have time, energy, or desire to organize, and clean my den and bedroom. I hope you get some time to yourself. Lately or should I say the last two days, I’ve been waking up b4 6am and I find that is now MY time. Enjoy the day

    • I don’t know what to do, but something has to change. I’ve started drinking coffee to help me wake p and give me a boost in the morning and afternoon. My dad suggested I start taking vitamins. I think some of it is the weather, the winter months seem to zap people of their energy, leaving them tired all the time no matter what.

  3. your days are like mine lady…and the nights..well not much sleep over here. I had a really sweet thing going on a few months ago when everyone was in bed at 9. lights out by 9;30. at that point I could go off into my own world. but since I’ve been blogging – I’ll say it again (so I can hear it) our night time routine has fallen by the way side. blogging takes so much time and I am hooked – like some sort of junkie. its crazy. so i am working on balancing all of this and re-establishing a little decency and order into our nights. how do you do it? when do you blog? tweet? etc? need a little help over here! kids are super cute , we made play doh yesterday too!

    • Yes! I miss the days of everyone being in bed around 9-10pm. I’ve noticed the older my oldest gets, the longer she stays up at night. I really do like letting them follow their own sleep patterns, but it’s not working for me anymore because I’m not getting enough sleep! Since we homeschool and we don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time it should work nicely and it was for a while.
      I’m going to try a new bedtime routine(again). It’s funny, you find something that works and it doesn’t take much to knock it off schedule.I know how hard it is to fall asleep when yo’re not tired, but they are tired, I can see it in their eyes, they keep fighting it. I’m going with something simple for or bedtime routine, bath, books, bed.

      Blogging can be addicting, it’s so fun! I don’t really have a schedule, except for my knitting post once a week and I haven’t even kept up with that lately. I usually tweet from my phone, and when the kids aren’t playing games on it I have it. Wish I could be more helpful in that area for you, bt I blog when the mood strikes and don’t if I’m not feeling it. Maybe set a timer for 15 minutes and pop out a post then, or at least start it then save it for when the kids are in bed.

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